Telling the Full Story Project
Uncovering the Hidden Gems of Hillsborough

Telling the Full Story Project: Uncovering the Hidden Gems of Hillsborough

The Alliance is dedicated to bringing the full story of Hillsborough’s past to light, including the often-overlooked stories of the town’s Black and Indigenous communities. Many of these stories have been lost or documented only partially throughout history, and we believe it is essential to honor and share this information so that the full story of Hillsborough is known. Our interactive map highlights special places in Hillsborough that are sacred to these communities. We encourage you to explore each of these historical places and enrich your understanding of Hillsborough’s history. Begin by clicking on a landmark below.

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Telling the Full History of Hillsborough is a collection of narratives about people, places or events occurring in Hillsborough. The people, places or events highlighted have a nexus in African American, Indigenous, or Maroon (Indigenous, African American, and White) culture. The people, places or events highlighted generally have not been recorded in the annals of Historic Hillsborough, yet their impact continued through time and is observed or experienced throughout greater Orange County today. Most narratives are presented by natives of Orange County who experienced a highlighted event, are related to a highlighted person, or has a family history connecting them to a highlighted place. These personal accounts deliver the genuine perception of the narrator at the time of the experience, or the story is presented as it was passed down from one generation to another through oral history. Accounts may differ from written records. The memory of those less impacted by an event, or those having no familial connection to a highlighted person or place may differ from memory of the narrator. To tell the full history of Hillsborough, we have intentionally sought the story of the conquered to balance the story of the conqueror. Presenting all sides of Hillsborough’s complicated history allows us to obtain a greater understanding of this beautiful place we call home. Understanding the full history of Hillsborough allows us to measure our progress as a community, and it allows us to understand work needed for continued progress. Telling the Full History of Hillsborough will continue to develop and incorporate the voices and experiences of those who sang a lesser song. It is with honor that we deliver to you our first edition of Telling the Full History of Hillsborough.

The Honorable Judge Beverly Scarlett –

-Courtney Smith

-Beverly Payne

-Beverly Scarlett

-Lawrence Dunmore III

-Horace Johnson, Jr. 

-Freddie Parker

-Renee Price

-Annie Newton